2020-08-02: Floating above it all #mbaug

2020-07-10: Rainy day today.



2020-07-04: Amazed I nailed focus on this one!

2020-06-24: The “discarded masks” series continues.

2020-06-23: 🌸

2020-06-21: I got one of these cups for Christmas and I truly love it. Definitely and extravagant cup, but I …

2020-06-19: My settlers of discarded masks has infinite content. I keep seeing these everywhere 🙄

2020-06-17: This is genuinely delicious.

2020-06-15: We’re pretty sure someone had set up a scavenger hunt around town.

2020-06-14: Sunset.


2020-06-12: Things are still just starting to bloom around here.


2020-06-10: More summer colors.

2020-06-09: Delicious 🍏

2020-06-08: There are easier ways to make coffee, but this is my favorite.

2020-06-07: This was delicious. Thanks there are 11 more of them in my house 🙌

2020-06-07: I’m not a wine person, but this bottle stopped me in my tracks 😂

2020-06-06: Beautiful colors this morning.




2020-05-30: I’ve always liked the look of this house.

2020-05-30: Tried to get a selfie with Sherman and that of course is his queue to try and break free. This was …


2020-05-29: Moody evening walk.

2020-05-27: The caution tape has been up so long it’s turned white. Never seen that in caution tape before. 😱

2020-05-26: #shotoniphone

2020-05-25: A little night mode fun. #shotoniphone

2020-05-23: It’s sooooooo nice to just be surrounded by color this time of year.

2020-05-22: Mornin’!

2020-05-21: #shotoniphone

2020-05-20: Morning walk with the bud.

2020-05-20: I find morning walks exceptionally relaxing.

2020-05-19: #shotoniphone

2020-05-18: #shotoniphone

2020-05-17: Took a rainy run today.

2020-05-17: Rainy morning.

2020-05-16: Currently enjoying No Filter, the story of Instagram. No major surprises in this book for those of …

2020-05-15: Rainy day.

2020-05-14: Texture #shotoniphone

2020-05-13: Trying out some more extreme perspective shots.

2020-05-13: I’m amazed I was able to get the focus right on this one.

2020-05-12: I used Manton’s App.net archive API to build a simple (and slow) front end that lets you see your …

2020-05-12: #shotoniphone


2020-05-11: That’s beautiful 😳 #shotoniphone

2019-12-15: Living my best life

2019-10-12: Full speed doggo!

2019-10-12: Good smells, I’m sure.

2019-10-06: On the run!


2019-10-01: A delightful October morning.





2019-09-03: Played my last round of golf of the year over the weekend.


2019-08-31: ‪Eep Back‬ ‪P Bac‬ ‪Yeep Back‬


2019-08-25: Watched Scott Pilgrim vs Tne World last night and OMG it always holds up! It’s a modern …

2019-08-25: Spectre for iOS lets you take some really nice long exposures. No ordinary camera could do this 5 …

2019-08-24: Just enjoying himself.

2019-08-24: Freaking beautiful day today.

2019-08-19: Sunset

2019-08-19: Giving Sherman a little workout.


2019-08-18: ‪Very much digging this new watchOS 6 face for the weekends. ‬

2019-08-18: Nice car 😗

2019-08-18: You snuggle in wherever you can get comfortable for a snoozle.

2019-08-18: This guy looks friendly.

2019-08-18: This is a test post. Sorry for the clutter!

2019-08-17: Got these new shoes today. Rest assured I will be wearing these every weekend this season. 😁

2018-08-23: Damn, is iOS 12 coming out next week or what? These betas are coming fast! …

2018-08-18: Just got back from Crazy Rich Asians. Not a movie that will change your life, but I really enjoyed …

2018-08-18: It’s not the most hip pick, but I love the energy on the new Panic at the Disco record. High …

2018-08-17: ‪My freshman roommate bought a 1GB thumb drive and it was amazing. It also cost $120 and it was …

2018-08-17: Look at those frogs 🧐


2018-08-14: Icro is so much more compelling now that it supports image uploads.

2018-08-14: Is there a setting where I can stop all replies from people I follow appearing in my timeline? I …

2018-08-14: This is a great look at how much has changed in tablet mode from Windows 8 to 10. It’s too bad …

2018-08-11: ‪Let’s get to work!‬

2018-08-10: The stripes on my wife’s shirt really confused portrait mode today 😂

2018-05-26: My GDPR emails over the month of May. 253 total 9.7 emails per day 18% mentioned GDPR by name So …

2018-05-14: Does anyone with Drafts expertise know if it will post to a non-https endpoint? I’m trying to …

2018-05-05: I changed the Wifi password a few weeks ago and all my smart home stuff needed to be reconnected. …

2018-05-05: It’s suddenly so hot and I needed this!

2018-05-02: With title And a little content. More lines are good.

2018-05-02: This is a post with no title And multiple lines

2018-05-02: Yes title post This is the content. There is more content here.

2018-05-02: Final test post But if this works, Greg will be very happy!

2018-05-02: # This is another test post But if this works, Greg will be very happy!

2018-05-02: Test post Working on things

2018-03-28: 2018 Photo a day 87/365 “Socks peeking’ out”

2018-03-21: 2018 Photo a day 80/365 “Old school”

2018-03-18: 2018 Photo a day 77/365 “A different type of home screen screenshot”

2018-03-09: 2018 Photo a day 68/365 “A random corner at Target”

2018-03-08: 2018 Photo a day 68/365 “🇺🇸🏳️‍🌈”

2018-03-03: 2018 Photo a day 62/365 “Maximum rainbows”

2018-02-17: 2018 Photo a day 48/365 “Covered again”

2018-02-14: 2018 Photo a day 45/365 “Pink all the things”

2018-02-13: 2018 Photo a day 44/365 “Winter wonderland”

2018-02-11: 2018 Photo a day 42/365 “Snowy weekend”

2018-02-10: 2018 Photo a day 41/365 “Buried in snow”

2018-02-07: 2018 Photo a day 38/365 “Winter treads”

2018-02-02: 2018 Photo a day 33/365 “Where you shopping?”

2018-02-01: 2018 Photo a day 32/365 “These were good”

2018-01-25: 2018 Photo a day 25/365 “View from my desk today”

2018-01-19: 2018 Photo a day 19/365 “Ooooooh, colors”

2018-01-08: “Love this keyboard” 2018 Photo a day 8/365

2018-01-06: Starting work on a Hackintosh 😱

2017-12-30: Shoveling the snow.

2017-11-05: Muffins and coffee are a good Sunday morning haul.

2017-05-30: No one has a bell like mine.

2017-05-29: Had kind of a lot of Zelda Amiibos at ping pong night last night.


2017-05-10: Cooked up a nice dinner tonight.

2017-05-07: The fact that my health data the Apple Watch is tracking is locked to my iPhone is absolutely …

2017-05-07: Just got my hair cut and the computer system is down and I can’t pay since I don’t carry …

2017-05-07: There’s a 99% chance this is just food of some sort someone in my building had shipped, but …

2017-05-07: The new LCD Soundsystem single is 👍🎉

2017-05-04: I got this guy for my desk at work today. He’s got a unique look and his brain shoots out of …

2017-04-29: I’m working on a brand new style of video tomorrow morning. Most of my videos have been all …

2017-04-29: Finally got to use the social parts of Micro.blog today! Generally liking what I’m seeing, but …

2017-04-25: I’m still wrapping my heaad around this while Micro.blog thing. I don’t really get what …

2017-04-25: I wrote this right after the election. Trump thusfar has achied nothing he promised to do …

2017-04-25: Looks like Trump is going to call “not shutting down the government” a win.

2017-04-25: That thing where you get to use the micro.blog beta, but are still waiting for the TestFlight email …

2017-04-24: Oh, hello, micro.blog 

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