Floating above it all #mbaug

Rainy day today.

Amazed I nailed focus on this one!

The “discarded masks” series continues.


I got one of these cups for Christmas and I truly love it. Definitely and extravagant cup, but I love having one in my rotation. fellowproducts.com/collectio…

My settlers of discarded masks has infinite content. I keep seeing these everywhere 🙄

This is genuinely delicious.

We’re pretty sure someone had set up a scavenger hunt around town.


Things are still just starting to bloom around here.

More summer colors.

Delicious 🍏

There are easier ways to make coffee, but this is my favorite.

This was delicious.

Thanks there are 11 more of them in my house 🙌

I’m not a wine person, but this bottle stopped me in my tracks 😂

Beautiful colors this morning.

I’ve always liked the look of this house.

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